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If ever you find yourself in need of locksmith services, you will usually need that help in a hurry. If you’re locked out of your house, office or car, or you need to lock up and can’t because the key has broken off or the lock isn’t working properly, you need to be able to call out a professional locksmith - someone you can trust and who can come to you as quickly as possible. You may however be concerned about calling for help, if you don’t know how much that help will cost.

Don’t risk breaking a window or forcing a lock to gain access, that will simply leave you with an extra repair bill and an unsecured property or vehicle. There’s no need to lose valuable time searching online for ‘locksmiths near me’ either - go directly to the Rated Locksmiths site, where you will quickly and effortlessly find your nearest trusted locksmith.

The Rated Locksmiths network of lock and key experts was set up to give people in need of locksmith services rapid access to local, professional locksmiths. All our network members are fully experienced independent locksmiths, who have made a commitment to a rapid response and excellent customer service, at the best prices around. Call upon one of our network members, and they will give you a free, no-obligation online quote for your work. If you are happy with the price, they can arrange to come to you to extract broken keys and pick, unlock, repair, change and install any lock.

You can rest assured in the knowledge that our network of over 300 domestic, commercial and automotive locksmiths is on hand whenever you need their services.

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Date Job Locksmith Location Cost
11-08-2020 Customer lost the keys to a wooden cabinet which is quite old. We managed to open the door as well as supply 2 keys cut to the lock. Paul Ashby Locksmith Shrewsbury £78.00
02-08-2020 Customer contacted us on a Sunday afternoon after they were locked out of their house having forgot their keys inside. Our locksmith managed to pick the door lock and gain access to the property. Lanarkshire Locks Glasgow £50.00
26-06-2020 Supplied a new remote key for a Ford Fiesta. Auto Price Locksmiths Ltd Stafford £140.00
18-06-2020 Supplied and fitted a new lock to the front uPVC door, and replaced the mortice lock on the back wooden door. All covered by 12 month warranty. Tom The Locksmith Market Drayton £135.00
15-06-2020 New lock supplied and fitted to a uPVC door. Stay Safe Locksmith Welwyn Garden City £95.00
14-06-2020 Customer called us at approximately 9:00pm because they were locked out of their house. Our locksmith was at the property by 9:26pm and managed to gain access using non-destructive entry. The Lock Specialist Ltd Islington £89.00
12-06-2020 Customer was locked out of garage. Our locksmith managed to gain access using a non destructive method. Lockafix Locksmiths Hucknall (Nottingham) £69.00
11-06-2020 4 x British Standard Mortice Deadlocks supplied and fitted. TMS Locksmith Services Croydon £220.00
11-06-2020 Supplied and fitted a new latch system. The Lock Specialist Ltd Whitechapel (East London) £195.00
29-05-2020 Supplied and programmed a 3 button remote key on a Ford Focus. Ultimate Auto Locksmith Ltd Barrow in Furness £90.00

Why do locksmith prices vary?

You may find it puzzling that an online search for ‘locksmith services near me’ will bring up a variety of different costs, even for apparently similar work. You may also notice that some locksmith service providers offer an instant response, while others offer to get back within 24 hours or more. There are any number of reasons why prices and service levels vary, so let’s look at the main ones:

The type of locksmith you require

Our network covers all types of locks and keys, but within our 300-plus locksmiths, there are some who specialise in one or more types of service. These are the main types:

Domestic locksmiths

Typically provide locksmith services for residential properties such as houses, flats, apartments and other dwellings. Call out a domestic locksmith, for example, for broken or bent door keys, and for domestic lock repairs and replacements.

Commercial locksmiths

Usually skilled in all types of lock and key (including domestic), plus electronic locks, keys and keypads, vending machines and other more specialised locks. Call on a commercial locksmith to deal with the types of security systems usually associated with business premises.

Automotive locksmiths

A rather more specialised area covering not only unlocking vehicle doors and removing broken keys, but also ignition systems and vehicle key reprogramming services.

The complexity of the task

The more complex the task you need the locksmith to perform, in general terms, the longer it will take and therefore the more it will cost.

For example - being locked out of a building with a standard door lock, where the key has been locked inside and the lock is functioning properly, is usually solved in under 30 minutes by picking the lock. If the lock-out has occurred because a key has broken in the lock, extracting the key may take longer because the locksmith will be keen not to damage the internal workings of the lock, and therefore will need to take longer to ensure a satisfactory result.

The type of lock and key

The more heavy-duty and secure the lock, the longer it will take a locksmith to pick it, so the higher the cost. If you need a lock replacing, the more complex the lock, the more the unit itself will cost, and potentially will take longer to fit, so again the higher the price. Electronic locks (and keys) cost more than mechanical locks, and high-security mechanical locks cost more than simple ones.

Where you are located

We have skilled locksmiths across the length and breadth of the UK, and they are all committed to delivering the highest possible quality of service at the best possible prices. However, they have no control over regional variations in costs and wages.

There are parts of the UK where the cost of living is generally higher, and in those areas our locksmiths will need to charge a higher price in order to continue in business. However, there is usually a higher concentration of locksmiths in and around areas of high population, such as major towns and cities, so the amount of competition for work generally keeps prices pretty competitive. If you live in a remote area, there will usually be a smaller number of locksmiths available to travel to your premises, and the cost of the journey may increase the price you are charged.

It’s all a balancing act, so ask for more than one free online quote if you want to find the best available deal.

What type of service do you need?

As with any service, if it’s urgent, it may cost more. Our locksmiths are all independent businesses, and if you need a same-day (or within one hour) emergency response, they may need to turn down other work to fit you in. This means their ‘urgent service’ price may be more than their standard call-out price. Naturally, most lock and key jobs are urgent, but if yours isn’t, you could get a lower price by waiting until the next day - it is possible the locksmith could combine your job with another one nearby, and that way everyone can save time and money.

However, be assured, we should always have one or more locksmiths available to come to you wherever you are, at a time to suit you.

Get quotes before committing

We advise potential customers to ask for quotes from more than one provider before committing to a course of action. Our online quotes are free, and they are totally no-obligation, so you have nothing to lose by asking for more than one to assure yourself that you’re getting the best deal available. Because our locksmiths are all independent operators, they have total flexibility when it comes to pricing, so if they are keen to get your job, they may be able to offer you some significant savings. It makes sense to compare before you commit.

Average locksmith prices

As you have seen, there are a number of factors that influence the cost of locksmith services, and therefore cause the prices to differ. In order to demystify the cost of calling out a commercial, domestic or automotive locksmith, we have done a pricing survey among our network members. The results are listed in our helpful guide to the average costs for the various locksmith services provided by our members - we hope this proves to be helpful to you.