How it works for members

Potential customers request free, no-obligation quotes through our site when they need the services of a professional locksmith. They may be seeking residential or commercial lock and key services. We focus on marketing the services provided by our members, and our activities generate thousands of quote requests each year.

Every quote request is effectively a job lead, which is a golden opportunity for each member to contact a potential new customer, deliver a winning quote and obtain work.

You will need to sign up to gain access to all these valuable leads, and our processes are designed so that you will only see relevant leads, based on your location and areas of specialisation.

Here,s what it costs

Membership only costs £95 annually (including VAT). No matter whether you are sole trader, or you own a medium to large business – we are here to deliver the leads you need.

There are thousands of leads accessible each month; build your online profile.

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We are your remote marketing team

It,s no longer enough to rely on an entry in a directory to generate work for you – you can easily end up paying a fee with no tangible results. Our way is much better – it puts you in the driving seat, and enables you to manage your workload by looking for the kind of leads you need, when you really need them

We concentrate on online marketing, targeting potential customers for lock and key services, with the aim of getting them to request quotes from us. To achieve this, we are heavily advertising in the major search engines (Google, Bing etc.). This means that every time a potential customer looks for locksmith services online, we appear at the top of the search results, which means more leads for our members.

The benefits don,t end there – when our site appears at the top of Google searches, your individual Rated Locksmiths profile page will also appear higher up in the listings than a stand-alone small business site.

Business profile – your public profile enables you to grow your online reputation, and demonstrate the quality of the work you do.

We also sponsor events as a form of advertising, which keeps us in the public eye.

Our aim is to make your business succeed

We are here for you when you need us. We make it easier for you to get out there and deliver your services, generating revenue instead of being in the office trying to generate leads.

Rated Locksmiths app

Our app enables you to view and manage your leads, and keep your profile up to date in real time. It's easy to submit quotes via the app, or simply to contact your potential customers through a phone call, text message or via email. There is no need to constantly check your phone; concentrate on your work, and our Lead Alert will notify you as soon as a new lead is available.

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