Locked out

Getting locked out of your house, car or place or work is no joke, but it can happen at any time. Did the front door slam behind you, or did you leave your keys in your car boot when you closed it? Maybe your door lock is faulty, the key bent or broke off when you tried to turn it, or your key’s battery has died. Whatever the cause of the problem, you will need a rapid solution - efficient and cost-effective lock and key services. Thankfully, Rated Locksmiths can provide just the services you are looking for. When you find yourself locked out, our network of over 300 professional domestic, commercial and automotive locksmiths is ready and willing to come to the rescue, fast.

Locked out of your home or business?

These things always happen at the worst possible time, don’t they? It’s probably raining, snowing, cold and dark. You may be about to miss an important work deadline or you’re simply inconvenienced and feeling totally frustrated. It’s best not to break a window or try to force an entry to gain access to the property. Apart from the problem of the damage and the cost of repairs, you risk alarming your neighbours, attracting the attention of the police, or worst of all, leaving the property more vulnerable to a break-in once you’ve managed to get inside. The sensible thing to do is to go to the Rated Locksmiths website, search for a locksmith near you, and contact them for help.

We appreciate the need for speed with a lockout, and we have locksmiths all across the UK, so there’s always one near enough to help. When you’ve given your details to the nearest locksmith, they will be with you as soon as physically possible, bringing along all the tools and equipment needed to get into the building, without causing damage and destruction. Once they’ve got you inside, they could even produce a custom-made replacement key for you there and then, so you don’t get locked out the next time.

There are many types of locks and keys

Because we only allow professional locksmiths into our network, you can be confident that they will be able to deal with any type of lock, and they carry all the appropriate tools for the job. They can repair or replace broken locks, cut you a new key, or re-programme a complex electronic locking system.

Here are a few of the types of lock and key that our locksmiths are familiar with:

  • Standard front and back door locks and keys
  • Magnetic locks, keypads and key cards
  • Smart locks
  • Antique locks and keys

We’re not just talking about door locks

Our locksmiths are multi-skilled, and as well as sorting out door locks and keys, they can also give you access to locked cupboards, trunks, lockers, padlocks, filing cabinets - anything that is locked with a key. They can open up the item for you, and then provide you with a replacement key:

  • Padlock, cabinet, locker and mailbox keys
  • Tubular keys (e.g. for vending machines)

Your convenience and security is at the heart of what we do

Once our locksmith has given you back immediate access to the property, it may be worthwhile thinking about the future, especially if your locks are old and unreliable. Our locksmiths are able to give sound, professional advice on improvements that may be available to both increase security, and make access easier for you going forwards. Ask about our lock repair and lock replacement services.

Locked out of your vehicle?

If you find yourself locked out of your car, van or other vehicle, it is bound to be at a time when you really need to get somewhere, and you just haven’t got the time to waste. Your first thought may be to contact your nearest car dealership or garage to get a replacement key, but there is a problem with this approach. Most dealerships and many garages won’t come to you at home or the roadside, you would need to get your car towed to them. What’s more, you would probably need to order a key, and that takes time. On top of all that, is the cost - car dealerships in particular charge a premium for services such as key replacement. The simplest and most cost-effective solution is to request a quote from an automotive locksmith via the Rated Locksmiths website. They will be with you as quickly as possible, and will deliver a reliable and affordable service, getting you into your car and back on the road again without undue delay.

Our auto locksmiths offer a comprehensive roadside assistance service, and will turn up complete with a fully-equipped vehicle, carrying all the tools they will need to solve your car lock-out problem. They have access to all the latest equipment and techniques to enable them to open a locked car without causing damage. The time it takes to access the vehicle will depend on the sophistication and strength of security of the locking system. However, unlike using a car dealership or vehicle garage, you won’t have to pay for a tow, and you can get help wherever and whenever you need it, not just during normal opening hours.

Once you have gained access to your vehicle, the locksmith may be able to make you a new key there and then (if you need one), it rather depends on the make and model of vehicle, and the kind of key it uses.

How do car lockouts happen?

It’s amazing how many different situations our automotive locksmiths encounter within a normal working day. Here are just a few of the types of incidents they encounter and deal with on a regular basis:

  • Key locked in the car or in the boot
  • Key jammed (or broken off) in the ignition or door lock
  • Lock jammed or malfunctioning
  • Lost, stolen, damaged or broken keys

What types of vehicle locks and keys are there?

There are many types of car key, and they range in complexity from simple to very high-tech indeed. As a general rule, the newer the car, the higher-tech the locking system. However, all car keys have one thing in common - they are easily lost or damaged, so it’s a good job there are auto locksmiths available through Rated Locksmiths!

The five major types of car keys:

  • Standard car keys - these have been around since car door locks were invented.
  • Transponder - these keys have a sensor that only your own ignition can recognise.
  • Laser cut - these keys are cut with an intricate pattern on both sides.
  • Switchblade - you press a button to unlock, then an ignition key is inserted to start the engine.
  • Smart proximity - unlocks the doors automatically, then you push a button to start the engine.

Whatever vehicle you drive - a car, van, MPV, 4x4, it doesn’t matter, our automotive locksmiths are there to help. Don’t wait about in the middle of nowhere or miss an important event if you get locked out - get a no-obligation quote through Rated Locksmiths, and get back out on the road as fast as is humanly possible.

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