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Rated Locksmiths

Rated Locksmiths
  • About

    Rated Locksmiths is an online platform connecting home and business owners with local locksmiths in the United Kingdom. Our platform is available for all those in need of a reliable, local locksmith and we welcome domestic and commercial locksmiths to apply to become a Rated Locksmiths member.

    Our platform has been live since 2020 and we consistently maintain the website to ensure that it ranks well in Google UK and other search engines by producing original content, which increases organic traffic, and through paid advertising (PPC) campaigns. For these reasons, locksmiths can rest assured that the Rated Locksmiths platform will continue to grow and generate more visitors, which means more leads for our member partners.

    What we do

    Our goal is to make it easier for people in the UK to find genuine, independent locksmiths. We do this by maintaining a network of vetted and approved residential and commercial locksmiths and by using digital marketing techniques to increase the visibility of our platform in search engine results.

    Our business is digital marketing - we don’t fix or replace door and window locks! That’s what our members do, and since they do that best, we leave it up to them on finding the best way to run their businesses.

    Think of it a little like Uber: you might have a very hard time getting a ride from a specific driver without the app, but with thanks to the app that driver can easily connect with you to give you a ride. All we do is provide the platform so that independent locksmiths can do what they do best.

    Why become a Rated Locksmiths member?

    We welcome all genuine, honest and hardworking locksmiths in the UK to join the Rated Locksmiths network. All members must first be vetted and approved before they are accepted. We need to ensure that your business is legitimate, that you have a solid reputation, and that you’re committed to providing the best customer service. This gives customers peace of mind and ensures a baseline of quality.

    Rated Locksmith member benefits

    Below are a few great reasons why should apply to become an Rated Locksmiths member:

    •  Boost your brand: by using our skills and expertise in digital marketing and SEO, we’re able to boost the visibility of your company online. This is great whether or not you’ve already got a website or social media profile.

    •  Generate high-quality leads: our platform is built to showcase domestic and commercial locksmiths and attracts visitors looking for specific services such as emergency lockouts, key cutting, broken key extraction and more. This means that all leads will be from locals in your area.

    •  Flat monthly fee - no commission fees: many similar platforms these days charge commission fees, sometimes eating into your margins. We don’t charge anything for leads. Not a penny. Rated Locksmiths costs just £40/month and can be cancelled at any time.

    •  Custom business profile page: our team of writers will create a custom business profile page a bit like this one, featuring your business hours, location, contact information, and services. All content is original and SEO-optimised to help boost the visibility of your business in search engines.

    •  Custom location page: our writers will also create a custom location page for the town/city where you operate, which further boosts your visibility in search engine results.

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    Albert Street, Manchester, M300SS

    0161 641 4374