Keeping your business premises safe and sound requires a system of interconnected processes, such as lock and key systems, alarm systems, and much more. But as a business owner or security operative within your company, what can a locksmith do for you? The following post will outline the services that commercial locksmiths in the UK can perform for your operation.

Commercial locksmith services

Locksmiths in the UK are well-equipped to handle a variety of the security services required by businesses large, medium or small, including:

  • Emergency lockout services
  • Lock and key installation, repair, reprogramming
  • Key duplication
  • Master key systems and keyless entry systems
  • Commercial safes, e.g. cashboxes, strongboxes, commercial safe installation and removal
  • Door, window, gate, and fence security
  • Boarding up
  • Business security alarm systems, burglar alarms, motion detection, CCTV, etc.

Lockout services

Being locked out of your own business premises can be a real headache. When you or your employee is trying to open up the business for daily activity, but the key’s been lost or misplaced, you’re losing time and money, not to mention gathering a queue of disgruntled customers.

Emergency lockout services for businesses are critical to ensuring that your premises can be accessed without delay, should this ever happen to you. Most locksmiths in the UK provide this service, but the convenience of 24/7 availability comes at a cost, and is not something you’ll want to rely on frequently, so save it for emergencies only.

Consider boosting your business security with some of the services listed here:

Lock and key services

The bulk of work done by locksmiths tends to be the various lock and key services, including lock installation, repairs, upgrading, and fitting. A growing number of locksmiths are readily capable of providing services for both traditional, mechanical lock systems as well as for electromagnetic and keyless entry systems.

Lock repairs for businesses are essential, since mechanical locks can wear out over time, with repetitive use. Moreover, lock replacements and upgrades are equally important for business owners where high staff turnover is common, since ex-employees may have availed themselves of an illicit set of keys to enable them to access the premises at a later date.

Key duplication

As a business owner, chances are you’ll want a set of keys for all the personnel who are permitted to access the premises. This means you’ll require professional key duplication services which locksmiths are readily able to provide.

Duplicate keys are also useful for landlords and property managers who require access to flats and other buildings. Having a duplicate set of keys enables access to tenant units in case of emergency, or should the tenant’s set of keys be lost or misplaced.

Master key systems

Many businesses in the UK, particularly medium to large-sized enterprises operate hierarchically. Consequently, there may be rooms or areas of your business that you may wish to give exclusive or shared access to approved individuals (e.g. key stakeholders and managerial staff), whilst denying access to others.

Master key systems permit selective access within an organisation, but they can also be used to provide owners with a simple master key access, without the need for cumbersome sets of keys for each individual lock.

Commercial safes

Commercial safes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and they are available for use in many and varied ways when compared to traditional domestic safes.

Retailers, for example, may wish to use a time-delayed cash box which stores the bulk of a business’s cash, but can dispense a given amount of money to assist with day-to-day cash flow, whilst providing security against burglary.

If you require expert safe installation, relocation, or removal services, locksmiths in the UK can provide a professional service that keeps your valuables safe and secure, day or night.

Door security, window locks, gate locks, fence locks

A secure business needs more than robust door locks. Thieves and burglars may attempt to enter through the windows or over fences or gates given the opportunity, which is why locks are essential to prevent unwanted entry at vulnerable points of your business.

Mortice or rim locks are ideal for windows, but collapsible or fixed bars or grilles may also be warranted in areas affected by burglary and crime, or in high traffic areas such as on the high street.

Padlocks may be useful for lockers or cabinets inside the business, but they can also be used outdoors on fences, sheds, or as an additional layer of security in addition to a deadbolt or other existing lock system.

Boarding up

If your business is undergoing repairs from vandalism or burglary, requires renovation, is relocating, or has shut its doors for good, boarding up of windows and doors is essential. Not only does boarding up protect the business against intrusion, but it also satisfies insurance requirements and shows due diligence.

Whether you require your business to be boarded up at a moment’s notice in an emergency situation, or you have planned it well in advance, locksmiths can provide high-quality boarding up services to meet your needs.

Commercial security systems

All businesses stand to benefit from installing a burglar alarm system. The cost of installing and maintaining these systems has significantly dropped in recent decades, whilst the quality of alarm systems has made leaps and bounds forwards technologically.

Since every business should have a security system commensurate with its needs, it’s imperative that the system is installed correctly, maintained regularly and professionally, and is calibrated to perform its duties reliably. This could entail CCTV, motion detection, ‘smart’ notification via apps or SMS, and many other features that are becoming commonplace for business alarm systems.

Don’t ignore the importance of a reliable security survey of your business either. Locksmiths are capable of visiting your business and taking stock of your valuable assets, identifying points of vulnerability, and developing a security strategy or audit, so that you can get the most out of your security system.

Commercial locksmiths in the UK

Business security should be one of your biggest considerations - preventing or warding off thieves and burglars as well as alerting you and the authorities should intrusion take place. Locksmiths in the UK are capable of providing all of the essential services that your business requires, keeping your premises and property safe and secure at all times.

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